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Why is everyone always obsessed with me?

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The wizard Liz

I Cringe

Narcissist influencer shares her experiences on why everyone is always so obsessed with her.

1:38 – Introduction (Why the name “thewizardliz”?) 3:08 – Have a vibrant energy 5:06 – Become comfortable with your emotions and realise what it’s trying to tell you 6:26 – Don’t attach yourself to people, places, things or situations 8:27 – Become okay with people leaving your life 9:24 – If you become whole what you want will chase you 10:39 – Start making decisions that will benefit you 12:53 – Remove toxic people and be firm about it 13:21 – Prioritize what you want to do 14:34 – Value your time 16:24 – Stop over sharing and become more exclusive 19:10 – Have a life and don’t be always be available 19:40 – Start taking calculated risks 21:19 – Go after the things you want and be unapologetic about it 21:41 – Be your authentic self. Say what you mean and mean what you say 23:24 – Don’t look at problems. Look at solutions 25:01 – Good intentions will always win

My husband finds you mesmerizing.

One day I had this group of clients, they came from a business meeting woman and men. They ordered some coffee. One guy looked at me and said: Literally whatever you sell me. It’s almost like you put a spell on us.

I think why everyone is so obsessed with me is my energy. Energy is so important. It’s not about looks most of the time. Do I look good? Yes. We wont act like it’s not true, but I’m also not the most beautiful person on Earth. But that’s not wat we will talk about. It’s my energy what attracts them.

My energy is always very high-

I was watching this movie about Elvis Presley, and everyone who talks about Elevis Presley they talk about “he has such an energy about him than other artists don’t have that vibe.

First of all, I don’t engage in drama or gossip. I don┬ít spread rumors about people, I don’t tear people down because that’s low vibrations.

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