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Comedian has a meltdown on stage

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Standup comedian bombs and has meltdown

I Cringed

Standup comedy

Standup comedian bombs on stage has a meltdown after people heckle him and tell him he’s not funny.

We all know that making people laugh is not easy, but this frustrated comedian just couldn’t take it anymore.

It turns out to be an awkward and uncomfortable moment for everyone.

So I’ve done this for ten years, it worked for ten years.. but this one night is the night I’m gonna realie, woah, maybe every audience was wrong, and you are right.

And for some reason right now, you thin,.. oh you are not funny, eff off. It’s hard, I’m trying.. you don’t like it, you F Off- I’m effing trying lady. Stop swearing? It’s comedy. Alright , the show will continue now, with less energy than before. Here is my next joke, which you may not like. – Proceeds to tell a feminist joke –

I’m adopted, I never met my mom I couldn’t afford it but I went in a 10 day vacation with my dad.. Well, this has been a party. Thank you for telling me you’re not funny. Hopefully, I think you are going to like the next comic, which is not me. And , there’s some room for improvement.

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