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Home » Guy comes out to dad about being a brony

Guy comes out to dad about being a brony

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Coming out as a brony with dad - Cringe call

Coming out as a brony

Classic Cringe

Dad I have something to tell you, I’m a brony.

Me and my friends even go to these meetups with other people.

It is a voluntaring thing, you get to make cupcakes.

Honestly when all my friends showed up wearing the shirts I thought you would’ve noticed it by now.

Dad, all I’m saying is I’m a brony, my friends are bronies.

It’s called clopping dad, it’s something every brony does.

You are not homosexual, you are actually a camel fckr.. OK

What the heck do you care? You are not even around anyway.

Me and Dany watch the show together.

If it makes you feel better I haven’t clopped in like three months.

This is going to be the best family dinner ever, I will see you guys later.

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