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The Brendan Schaub Spectacle Extravaganza TigerBelly 347

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Brandon Schaub and Bobby Lee

Awkward Podcasts

A journalist contacted me, not good for you.

Bobby Lee, Brendan Schaub and Kalayla.

I was in a three way call with Bran Callen and Brandon Schaub.

Bryan did say in the fire and the kid how he royally messed up with that engagement ring, rolaty messed up.

Bryan and I have had a very long relationship. I’d been to his house for Superbowl parties, he is a MadTV alumni as I am. Comedy Store guys. So when you guys called , it was you and Bryan. You said that my career waws going to be over that you guys had evidence that I

I¡m some Reddit mastermind, you have some prtoof you can trace me from reddit to my house, the IP Adress. And for 5 or 6 years we have been coily contributing

The context behind this is I never talked about thisk, never. Bryan wasn’t aware of the negativity of Reddit. There’s a difference between hate and evil toxic criminal behavior. So if you want to criticize the podcast, the comedy so be it.

Trash Tuesday, if I had a time machine and I could go back. The reason we are here is because I didn’t handle this well. I truly believe neither of you have anything to do with this Reddit group.

You have your own timeline in. your head nd I have my own timeline. The timing is very suspicious to me. Bobby: They are not seperate to me, because during the conversation the Trash Tuesday came out.

If we are really here to talk about the truth Id like the opportunity to start form the beginning,.

I would’ve called you direct and this information would’ve been solved so easily.

May 7 – Which is the day after H3 you asked to talk. You apologized for everything, you sayed you were going to. take responsability, I said yes, you respond.

I didn’t sleep well last time. I liv

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